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​Floor Plans & Layout

During the initial phase of our project, our experienced and highly qualified space planner will engage in a comprehensive consultation with you in order to fully understand and assess all of the specific requirements and needs of your office space.

This may include considerations such as storage solutions, the integration of utilities and communication areas, the layout and configuration of individual offices and meeting rooms, and other critical factors.

Design and Space Planning

Once all of this information has been gathered and a thorough site measurement has been conducted, we will use our expertise in design and space planning to create a custom floor plan that not only meets all of your needs, but also incorporates elements of good design, adheres to all relevant building codes and regulations related to paths of travel and accessibility for individuals with disabilities, and is both highly functional and practical in its implementation.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and effective solution that optimizes the use of your space and maximizes its potential. So, you can be sure that the final floor plan we deliver will be one that is tailored to your unique needs and requirements, and that will help to create an efficient and productive work environment for your employees.


Project management with Form Office means your projects run smooth and on time

Good project management is a service that we provide in all our projects and it allows you, as our client, to focus on the BAU (Business as usual) away from the distractions of the project. We take away the hassle for you while quietly keeping the project on schedule and budget. We will deliver the quality and results that you engaged us to achieve. Furthermore, our project manager is a qualified professional with over 30 years’ experience in delivering quality office fit-out projects. You can rest easy.

Case Studies

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